Guest Review: Update on Revlon Grow Luscious

Regular readers may remember that before Christmas, my friend Becky was a willing guinea pig for Just Nice Things, and has spent the past couple of months testing out Revlon’s Grow Luscious mascara for us. You can read her previous post here… now let’s see how she got on!

In total , I have used Revlon’s Grow Luscious Mascara for two months.

After a month, I was overall very pleased with the results in terms of the appearance of my eyelashes and also its performance as a general mascara for someone with quite thin eyelashes. It is very easy to apply, stays put all day, the brush is good (despite my intial concerns at its size).

Do I think it made my lashes longer? Yes. Althought I did find that it was hard to tell if they were actually longer or if they just looked longer when wearing the product. Having the before and after pictures helped.

Do I think it made my lashes fuller? No. I didn’t feel there was any real change in the fullness of my lashes in general, but they definitely looked fuller when wearing the mascara, without any clumping, which I was happy with.

I usually change my mascara every three months. I use it every day and find that by this point they are past their best and start to dry out and flake on to your face and in to your eyes during the day. However, with this product, I felt that after two months it seemed drier and there was some flaking during the day.

Would I buy this mascara again? Yes I intend to.

Would I recommend it to other people? Yes definitely.

To sum up, a work colleague who did not know I was testing this product out burst out in the middle of a meeting ‘Oh my god, your eyelashes look amazing, have you had them extended?’ to which I was very pleased to reply, ‘No, they are my own!’

Before, without mascara

After without mascara

Thanks for testing this out for us!  However, we now have a new challenge. Becky is now in the process of testing out M2 Lashes Revitalising Gloss, which we are all rather excited about. More soon!


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