GOSH Velvet Touch Matt lipstick review & swatches

GOSH Velvet Touch Matt lipstick review & swatches


We may be about to batten down the hatches for a cold winter forecast but GOSH have got some winter warmers in the form of their new Velvet Touch matt(e) lipsticks*.

Before I start, why has the ‘e’ been dropped off ‘matt’? Why deviate from the spelling? Matt is short for ‘Matthew’. Any way. Velvet Touch lipsticks is an existing range but I can’t say I’ve tried the others so I have gone for these with a completely open mind.

There are eight shades and with each one coming in at £6.99, you might feel inclined to grab several. A colour to go with every outfit from timid nude to audacious red, the Velvet Touch lipsticks boast hydrating ingredients to keep lips moisturised whilst drenching them in colour.

In numerical order (and from left to right obviously), we have 001 Baby Lips, 002 Rose, 003 Antique, 004 Coral, 005 Classic Red, 006 Raspberry, 007 Cherry and 008 Plum.





Straight away my eyes go for the darker end of the spectrum. I’m not going to lie, Baby Lips scares me. Nevertheless I’ve whacked it on my lips to demonstrate how it looks against my skin tone, and should you share the same skin tone as me or close enough, you will either use it a deterrent or not give a flying moo.

GOSH_matt_velvet_lipstick_Baby Lips





A magical ingredient of hyaluronic microspheres have been thrown in to factor in moisturising. Bearing in mind these lipsticks promote the mattified look, they are surprisingly comfy and keep lips hydrated. You do need to apply a few coats to build up to a strong colour (with the darker colours performing better) but the pay-off is worth it. The colour is very long-lasting and feels almost invisible on the lips. On one occasion I wolfed down a warm ciabatta whilst wearing Plum (my favourite) and it remained evenly on my lips (with a teeny bit on my chin because I can NEVER avoid getting lipstick on my chin when I eat!)

I’d strongly advise to use a lip liner as these lipsticks are a bitch to get a neat finish with and exfoliate too.

With the exception of Baby Lips and Rose (which are frighteningly too pale for me and make me look washed out), the rest of the lipsticks are all wearable shades I’ll be more than happy to have on rotation this season.

For a cost-effective alternative to the high-end competitors, GOSH’s Velvet Touch Matt lipsticks very much pack a punch. Find these in your nearest branch of Superdrug or online at www.superdrug.com.

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  1. Britny
    12th October 2015 / 9:27 AM

    I haven’t looked at GOSH in a while. I loved their nail polishesbut discovered they go gloopy quickly and don’t do well with a thinner.
    The only other thing i tried was a mascara which was ok. Am a bit of a snob with make up so never tried anything else.

  2. 12th October 2015 / 6:43 PM

    Well these lippies are pretty damn impressive for the price point and don’t flake – good for travelling in case you don’t want to lose your Louboutin lipstick! x

  3. 12th October 2015 / 8:58 PM

    I picked up one of the nude ones of these last week which I’m yet to try. Some of those red and berry ones look stunning, you wouldn’t know they were drugstore lipsticks!

    The Beauty Locker

  4. 12th October 2015 / 10:19 PM

    Hi Bee, the red and berry ones are the strongest shades and remain evenly on the lips after eating and drinking! Very impressed. High street make-up is winning!

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