Gone away…be back soon

Gone away…be back soon

I am writing this in the future for when you read this, I will be in a land, far, far away. In fact I will be waking up in Dubai.

Now I realise I have been dormant on the blog with the exception of a few posts, but the truth of the matter is I’ve been very busy at work whilst trying to juggle my other far from glamorous routines and as a consequence I’m knackered.

I also managed to hurt my back and shoulder (the former from lifting weights and the latter from a sneeze) so it’s fair to say I’m falling apart and this getaway is very much needed. By the way, my back is alright now after a painful Thai massage!

I’ve only scheduled one post so please check back to read it. The rest will come when I return recharged and refreshed. Over and out.


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