Glam Glow

Glam Glow is the magical mask straight out of Hollywood and straight into a jar that’s become a must-have in the bathroom cabinet. It just takes 10 minutes for instantly visible results.

I’ve yet to come across a bad review of Glam Glow so when I was sent three different masks from their range to make up my own mind, it’s fair to say I was pretty chuffed. Each one addresses a different skincare concern making it possible to incorporate them into your routine.

Founded by husband and wife team Glenn and Shannon Dellimore in 2010, Glam Glow was originally created for backstage and professional use in Hollywood before it was made available to the rest of the world and that’s when things really took off.

Glam Glow’s YouthMud* is a 10 minute anti-ageing facial in a black jar. To put it another way, it’s the one that ‘tingles’. It contains clay from France’s Mediterranean Sea, volcanic pumice rock and pieces of anti-oxidant rich Green Tea leaf, and collectively this mixture gently exfoliate and revitalise the skin to leave it looking smoother, brighter and ah, just downright lovely as if you’ve had an hour long facial. When you’ve not got the time to spare for a lengthy treatment or for a professional facial, Glam Glow’s YouthMud is a cheat’s way out. Although it’s suitable for all skin types, I would approach with caution if you have sensitive skin because the tingling sensation is an eye opener especially the first time.

The next one I tried was ThirstyMud*, a formula designed for hydrating parched skin and comes in a turquoise jar. It contains a potent blend of hyaluronic, citric and linoleic acid for the deepest skin penetration. Smear it on for 10-20 minutes before wiping off the excess with a tissue or ideally leave it on overnight and wake up with hydrated, baby soft skin. It smells deliciously sweet like almonds. It’s also gentler on the skin with only a mild, tolerable tingle. It can also be used as an in-flight treatment and left on for the duration of the flight.

ThirstyMud packs a real punch by hydrating, moisturising, restoring, replenishing and calming for skin that glows and can be used as a day time treatment. It’s also fine to 2-3 times a week on the face, neck and décolleté or when needed.

Finally the PowerMud* Dual Cleanse Treatment is in a lime green pot and takes cleansing to a whole new level, unifying mud and oil for a deep cleansing treatment. With an exotic blend of ingredients (Prickly Pear Oil, Pine Oil, Frankincense Oil and Myrrh Oil plus four types of clay), it starts off as a mud treatment that you leave on for 5-10 minutes until dry and then transforms into a cleansing oil when water is added and circular motions activates the cleanser. It can be used one to two times a week as well.

All of Glam Glow’s products are unisex and between the three I’ve been trialling, it’s hard to pick a favourite as they all address different skincare concerns – you can’t single out one and not neglect the others. For this reason I like each of them in equal measures: YouthMud exfoliates and brightens my complexion; ThirstyMud feeds my dehydrated skin and PowerMud is just an exceptional kind of cleanser.

Only the bright packaging is a bit garish. A nice touch with the Hollywood star on the lid and on the boxing – ties in nicely with the glitz and glamour of this product giving the red carpet treatment. Any way, it’s what inside that count.

Evidently some of the cost has gone into the jars. The pot sizes are small (50g) and the containers are heavy so it feels like a paperweight. At £39 each, it’s on the pricey side especially when it’s recommended these can be used more than once a week. If you’re using at least three key Glam Glow products, then that’s a grand sum of £117. I do love the results these give so it would be something I’d treat myself to, I just would not use them as frequently as the instructions recommend.

Mind you, there are miniature 15g pots for £14 available which is a great way to sample the brand before you choose to invest.

Glam Glow is stocked by Boots, Space NK and is also available from

*PR samples


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