ghd aura™ professional hairdryer

ghd aura™ professional hairdryer


If you have a decent hairdryer, you should not have to depend on anything else to finish the job off. I’m definitely of this opinion after investing in the ghd air. It’s cut down my drying time significantly and eliminated the need for a straightener. I think my hair is finally starting to like me.

ghd proudly fronts a new league of powerful hairdryers and once you’ve crossed over to this side, you will wonder how you managed without. The ghd aura™ Professional Hairdryer* is another in its arsenal of hairstyling tools.

What sets it apart from the air is a generous and thick 4 metre cord and an external power supply (which looks like a laptop battery but in actual fact makes the dryer lighter to hold).



It also boasts Laminair™ technology, which delivers more concentrated stream of air allowing you to work on one section of hair without disturbing the others for absolute styling precision and control and also Cool-Wall™ technology, which keeps the outer casing and nozzle cool to touch, ensuring you can style much closer to the root for volume. Other than that, it has three heat settings and two speed settings like the air and has an advanced ioniser built in to remove static electricity from hair thus guaranteed frizz-free hair with no fly-aways. However it comes with one nozzle only.


From the moment I switched the aura on I noticed it’s not as powerful and efficient as the ghd air. The aura’s wattage is less than  the air’s beastly 2100 watts (I’m not sure by how much as I couldn’t find the information anywhere) so drying hair takes longer with aura, which I found a little frustrating. The air blasted is also not cool like the air so it gets hot quite quickly therefore you will need a heat protection spray. It’s also not as quiet as the air.*sad face*

The point of the aura is it’s designed for use on a more sophisticated level of hair-styling. The concentrated heat helps immensely for root-lifting volume and for super smooth shiny locks thanks to the direct impact of the nozzle.


Currently on offer for £125 (usually £145) the ghd aura is exceptionally dearer (the Air is £99 but is currently on offer at £79). The decision boils down to what you are looking to get out of a hairdryer. For quick and easy blow-drying, the air is a winner. The aura is definitely for the more hardcore and skilled hair fanatic.

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