Front Cover: Smoulder Eyes

If you are planning to give someone make-up this Christmas but feel overwhelmed about where to begin, go straight for Front Cover. They have a marvellous choice of kits that cover all essential bases which are fool-proof and the quality is outstanding too.

Each one comes with a very simple ‘how to’ guide and pictures to inspire you but it will also suit hardcore addicts just as much as beginners.

I was sent their Smoulder Eyes kit, which is four palettes in one, allowing you to achieve four contrasting and original smokey eye effects for every possible occasion.

It includes:

Smoulder look
2 chunky creamy eye pencils in silver and bronze
1 mini black kohl
1 double pencil sharpener

Red Hot look
3 domed baked powder eyeshadows – Fudge (cream), Redfern (rusty red), Black Jack (glittery black)
1 double-ended eye applicator
1 shadowline

On Fire look
1 two-toned liquid eyeliner
3 shot silk embossed eyeshadows – Angel Violets (lilac), Mazarine (dark blue), Shiso Leaf (jade green)
1 double ended mascara

Burning Down The House
1 melted metal eyeshadow
2 dome baked twinkle powders
1 shadowbase

Burning Down The House was my favourite look so I tried to recreate it…

For the look, there is a beautiful, richly pigmented gold melted metal eyeshadow and 2 dome baked twinkle powders infused with glitter – one in purple and the other in navy blue. It is a very straight-forward look to follow though my attempt is hurried and not neat as the picture in the example.  This did frustrate me and I think  I need to try this again…sorry!

It’s also wonderful Front Cover’s kits includes all the tools you need and it’s clever how some of the products are multi-functional. Turn the shadowbase stick around and use the sharp edge to line under the eyes.

I’m usually dismissive of make-up kits that are geared towards cashing in on Christmas.  A lot of them are cheap and badly made (usually found in the Christmas gift section of a chain store) but don’t make the mistake of assuming Front Cover falls into that category. From what I’ve read, Front Cover has a glowing reputation to come up with fool-proof high quality cosmetics without breaking the budget and this collection definitely ticks all the boxes.

I am looking forward to trying the other shades out (and hopefully I can share those looks with you too).

Smoulder Eyes retails for £25 and is available in the UK at QVC and, and worldwide in Sephora.

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  1. Tanya
    5th January 2013 / 8:54 PM

    This is lovely!

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