Fountain’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food


Do you remember when I wrote about the holy grail of hair growth that is Jamaican Black Castor Oil? It’s done wonders by stimulating healthy growth to my hair and more importantly, strengthening it.

The downside? It’s been really difficult to get hold of since I last reported. Many Afro Carribean shops near me have limited stock or have sold out, which has meant the price has been hiked up. So it was a blessing when Afro Deity kindly sent me Fountain’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food to use.

Some aren’t keen on the smell of castor oil. I don’t have any issues with that but those with a sensitive sense of smell would.

Fountain’s offering is noticeably scented with peppermint leaves (which are in the oil!) and infused with Jojoba and Eucalyptus to tackle such problematic areas as eliminating dandruff, dry scalp, psoriasis and the blend is antibacterial too.

The oil feels far less dense than the pure version so it won’t weigh your hair down. I didn’t find pure castor oil left my hair greasy, however. In fact it was quite the opposite – absorbing into the scalp and follicles and leaving it beautifully conditioned.

The oil is safe to use on all hair types and the reason it’s got ‘black’ in its title is to differentiate it from the clear pharmacy version of castor oil which erm, has an entirely different purpose! The actual colour of the oil is golden brown and if this concerns you, then you can read more about it here.  

I now use castor oil once a week, maybe twice if I have the time. I strongly recommend you try it if you are worried about hair loss as regular use of this natural product will rejuvenate the follicles and stop existing hair falling out. I can’t think of anything better than Fountain’s version, which is an ideal introduction if you are worried about the smell and density of castor oil. It really is food for your hair – feed it.

A 10ml bottle is currently on sale at Afro Deity at £2.99 while the mammoth size of 236ml is on special offer at £14.99 (RRP £17.99).

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