Foundation Files (1): Makeup Forever HD foundation

Foundation Files (1): Makeup Forever HD foundation

I’ve convinced myself there is nothing wrong with having more than one foundation on the go.  Our skin goes through changes from one season to the next, so it makes sense to have a different base to cater for a specific need. Some days I could do with full coverage if I have some blemishes or have been deprived of sleep, and other days I am content with semi-coverage or sheer.  I may also be bordering on the obsessive side.

I have had the privilege to try quite a number of new foundations but I also avidly purchase ones I am fascinated by and so I have put together a series of reviews focussing on high end ones. Some are current and some are popular. There are many more I am curious to try but haven’t got round to it but if you have any testimonials you’d like to share, please post them in the comments box below.

First to step up to the platform is Make Up Forever HD foundation…


IMATS London seems a lifetime ago but back in June, I made it my mission to get colour-matched for Make Up Forever’s HD foundation and take advantage of the discount on the day. Walking away with their famous HD foundation was admittedly a risk, but thankfully the gamble did not backfire. 

I cannot get enough of how superb this foundation is. Frootibeauty only uses this on her brides because she feels it’s the only foundation that shows up flawless in photos against the sophisticated HD photography of the professional wedding snapper.


OK so I have some blusher and lip colour on but I took this after a day of Saturday shopping. You can see the match is accurate to my skin tone. In addition, I have been using MUFE’s HD foundation most days when I go to work and the difference is obvious from the naked eye. It blends seamlessly, evening out skin tone to give a natural look and is buildable if you crave more coverage. In case you’re wondering, my shade is 153 Golden Honey. Unfortunately the bottle has not been labelled – I am guessing that’s my shade as the number 153 is stamped on the base of it!

Good news recently filtered through to beauty blogging world with the announcement that MUFE will be widely stocked and available in Debenhams from spring. Brilliant news and very much needed.

MUFE HD foundation currently costs £30.95 through Guru Make-Up Emporium.

Coverage: medium, buildable
Verdict: buy, buy, buy!

UPDATE: Make Up For Ever is now available at Debenhams online and at their flagship store on London’s Oxford Street.


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