Farewell 2017

Another is drawing to an end…step up to the podium 2017 and take a bow. I can’t say you’ve been a great year but you’re certainly difficult to forget, taking away three people from my family…the biggest gaping hole left by the departure of my dad three months ago.

I did a quick scroll back and noticed I didn’t write an end-of-year post for 2016 (soz!). That isn’t the reason I feel compelled to write this one, I just wanted to round things off as the frequency in which I have published blog posts have been erratic as a consequence of the last few months. It’s good that at this time of the year the brakes are slammed on allowing us to stop and take stock of things.

2017 has been a mix of highs and lows and largely on a personal level. As a result, I’ve come out of it feeling stronger, grateful and humble, reunited with friends I’d lost touch with and grown closer to family.

On the blogging front I’ve made no secret of how I feel it’s all changed and I stand by my sentiments, vowing to write for the love of it and to share my honest opinion, not to influence or push my loyal readers into a vicious vortex of consumerism and the perfect, flawless (yet unrealistic and unattainable) Instagram lifestyle, which by the way, I suck at.

So hello there, 2018. I’m looking forward to you being nice especially when it’s going to be a milestone of a year for me. Don’t let me down!

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year to you all. Be nice, don’t be a douche and if you meet me, ask for a hug because I’m forever told I give the best ones.


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