Eyeko Coral

If I had actually published this post at the time of taking the photos (about a year ago), I would have told you that these Eyeko polishes were ten a penny and could be picked up practically anywhere.

Fast forward to now, and this is actually rather hard to find. Who’d have thought it? As you may or may not know, Eyeko have decided to rebrand themselves as more of an elite and upmarket high-end brand, much to the consternation of all of their loyal high street fans. I already thought that these polishes were overpriced, and now I don’t think they exist at all. Can anyone confirm?

On to the colour – well, it’s rather fabulous. A bright and brazen shade that leans to the orange side of coral rather than the pink. It’s super flattering on me and I do love to wear these colours at this time of year (to cheer me up during all this interminable rain).

However, as you can see, this one would not build on me. It is very jellyish and so you can quite clearly see the visible nail line. Such a disappointment, as I wanted to like this. I’ve long since sold this on, but I do feel a pang of regret as although it’s easily dupeable, this really is a lovely shade.

PS – what the heck are “resort nails” any way?



  1. 1st May 2012 / 12:43 PM

    They sell hardly anything now. I bought quite a lot of their stuff. Don’t get their strategy at all! Makes no sense to me.

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