evo Gluttony Volume shampoo and conditioner

A couple of weeks ago I was scouring the internet for a new shampoo and conditioner to try. Then the name Evo popped up randomly on Look Fantastic (spooky how there’s something out there in the internet that can read my mind).

I couldn’t find any reviews on Evo’s Gluttony pair but the verdicts posted by customers on Look Fantastic convinced me to put my trust in them so I placed an order and a few days later, a parcel landed on my door mat.

I usually steer clear of thickening shampoos because although they make hair look voluminous, the actual texture the hair develops is horrible, making me feel self-conscious and desperate to wash it out.

Evo’s pitch is to make products that are simple, luxurious and effective. It’s Evo’s mission to “expose the frauds” in the hair and beauty industry, which is sadly prevalent. Evo is an eco-friendly range and their products are free of parabens (yay!), sulphates (double yay!), cocamide DEA (triple yay!) and propylene glycol (quadruple yay!).

Most of us recognise the first two but the last two names are usually lost in the list of ingredients on the label. Basically these are synthetic compounds, like parabens and sulphates, added to personal care products (particularly shampoos) to make it look thicker, foam up and smell nice. Haircare products that are free of these ‘nasties’ are so much better and I am glad to see more choices available with competitive prices than when I first started using them (and they cost the earth back then). Colour lasts longer, hair has shine and in the long run keeps tresses looking ‘younger’. Over time chemicals in regular shampoos and conditioners will strip hair of its natural colour.

Evo is striving to use natural ingredients where possible and aims to reformulate and substitute synthetics with natural when an equivalent is available. Work in progress but also they don’t test on animals. The packaging is recyclable too.

OK I have been harping on about the niceties of Evo but what’s the score on Gluttony? Well it’s one of their best sellers. The products have a cheeky message on their bottles but the actual formula is no joke. It is suitable for all hair types but especially beneficial to fine hair, cleansing away excess oil, dirt and impurities, leaving locks looking full of life. So how does Evo’s Gluttony achieve this? It’s formulated with protein and film formers to strengthen and protect hair, and in turn helps to thicken and volumise by penetrating and coating the hair, whilst the UV protectors work to target sun damage and keep coloured hair looking vibrant and lustrous.

Like I said, thickening shampoos are usually disastrous for me but Evo’s Gluttony has managed to achieve something that I never thought was possible. It has made my fine hair LOOK thick and it feels so clean, comfortable and nice to touch. My hair doesn’t feel like it’s being weighed down with product nor is there that unpleasant, icky feeling. It’s beautifully conditioned from root to tip – not a parched strand anywhere. When I straighten my hair, it continues to hold its volume.

I can also shampoo my hair the night before and wake up with it looking and feeling the same as if I had just washed and blow-dried it. Paired up with her sister, Bride of Gluttony conditioner, I could not be happier with the results and have pushed this to the top of my list. It’s going to take something incredible to tear me away from Evo’s Gluttony. By the way I’m not sure why the conditioner comes with a pump and the shampoo doesn’t. Perhaps the shampoo was the last batch before the pump was added. Who knows? I am just very happy with how these work for me.

Evo is available from Look Fantastic and Gluttony Shampoo and Bride of Gluttony Volume Conditioner are priced at £15.95 and £17.95 respectively.


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