EOTD from Passion Flower by Aveda

In October I brought you news of Aveda’s latest cosmetics collection, Passion Flower.

Well here is an example of one of the Petal Essence Single Eye Colors in blue (Cerulean Bloomthat I thought I’d share. It is only the one colour swept across the lids with the light Callalily as a highlighter on the brows.

Make-up artist Adam de Cruz used this shade one of the models at the launch although I do believe he used a blue eyeliner to make the colour pop more:

I think a lot of people fear wearing blue as eye make-up (perhaps it’s because it brings back nightmares of the 80s) but it’s a really nice alternative shade for a smokey eye look. This one is not as bright or bold as other blues that I have, it’s quite greyish actually but oh-so soft and alluring. You have to build it up a fair bit to get a deep colour but it blends well and there is little fall-out too.

The Passion Flower Collection is available in Aveda salons, spas, stores and on www.aveda.co.uk and these eyeshadows cost £11.50 each.

*PR sample*



  1. 10th December 2012 / 12:04 PM

    What a beautiful shade, love it!

  2. Sheenie
    10th December 2012 / 10:52 PM

    Would you wear it? 🙂

  3. Britny
    11th December 2012 / 8:54 PM

    Is it sods law that you start featuring Aveda after I fall out with them and refuse to buy their stuff any more lol.

  4. Sheenie
    11th December 2012 / 10:14 PM

    I think we need to forward your concerns to Aveda more so now!

  5. 12th December 2012 / 12:33 PM

    Well I responded to their email telling me I had lost fifteen years of pure privilidge points by telling them I was a customer for the last 19 years. They never replied. Shame really as I haven’t found anything that comes close to shampure for my hair :/

  6. Sheenie
    12th December 2012 / 12:48 PM

    I think that’s where the problem is – emailing their customer service address which isn’t usually overseen by someone of seniority. Old fashioned snail mail is the only way you will be able to frog leap Joe Bloggs in admin.

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