Dubai Part 3 vlog live

I’m so sorry for the delay in getting my next vlog edited and uploaded but finally the third and final part of my Dubai trip is up on my channel.

Some of you have had trouble viewing it from your phones and I suspect it’s to do with the copyrighted songs used in this video. I’m confused as I checked each track on YouTube’s list of songs permitted and each one has no restrictions.

If you are having problems, I would advise you to watch from your computer or the YouTube app. It definitely doesn’t work through opening a link on Twitter. If it persists, well I can only apologise and promise I won’t use copyrighted songs next time. Sadly I can’t turn off the ads even though I can’t monetize from the videos so apologies over that.

If you do manage to view the video, then I hope you enjoy it. I know I’ve said in the past I am getting my YouTube mojo back but now I can honestly say it is whirring back up slowly but surely so yes, I will be uploading some content and hope to maintain it a manageable frequency.



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