DHC Olive Corn Body Scrub Polish & Body Butter

DHC (which stands for Daigaku Honyaku Center) is somewhat underrated and I feel like it has to shout louder to get noticed, which is a shame as I’ve been using two of their products recently which shouldn’t be dismissed lightly.

Many are familiar with their hero product, the olive based Deep Cleansing Oil. Well this olive branch has been extended to include DHC’s Olive Corn Body Scrub Polish* and Body Butter*. The former is a gentle scrub that effectively exfoliates the skin and moisturises it at the same time.

From the outside, the Body Scrub Polish looks rather unassuming but in practice it’s a hell of a lot more. It lathers up but with small and large granules of corn cob powder that work together for an effective product that’s not coarse on the skin but leaves it feeling refined, smooth and soft. If like me you’re lazy about slathering on moisturiser after a shower, DHC’s Olive Corn Body Scrub Polish saves you the bother thanks olive oil and vitamin E thrown in the mix. There is also a subtle lavender fragrance, which I find is really relaxing in helping me to drift off to sleep.

Use the scrub all over – arms, legs, torso, back and rest assured it won’t cause any irritation but avoid applying it straight after shaving because ouch, ouch, ouch! You don’t want that. A crucial fact about this scrub is it doesn’t contain microbeads. That is a big plus in my books.

The DHC Olive Body Butter is a pot of goodness for moisturising the skin, abundantly soft and nourishing without leaving a greasy residue. The consistency is like thick butter rather than a whipped cream and it melts into the skin effortlessly. The scent of roses is instantly noticeable from a combination of hydrating botanical ingredients cocoa and shea butter, olive, coconut and avocado oil. It comes in a 100g pot which is a decent size and far easier to use, but also it’s not like you need a lot of it.

The packaging is a little grannified, mind. The ridged edging around the lid and the floral design on the top of it reminds me of something from the 80s. DHC might like to go back to the drawing board for something simplistic and modern. Packaging does not have to be grand, but to a certain extent it does have an impact on the overall appeal.

DHC Olive Corn Body Scrub Polish & Body Butter are available from DHC and Escentual, priced at £15.50 and £17 respectively.


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