Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner

Dermalogica Daily Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner

dermalogica_daily_cleansing_shampoo_conditionerWhen it comes to shampoo, I sit firmly in the sulphate-free camp. In fact I have for almost five years. The benefits are too good to ignore – your hair looks and feels healthier, colouring lasts longer, it strengthens the hair follicles and strands and it protects essential oils and pigmentation that sulphates strip away.

Imagine my delight to learn skincare aficionado Dermalogica had developed a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, I held out my hands, palms facing up, and said ‘Yes, please! I want to try these!’

With Dermalogica’s stellar reputation for dealing with the most problematic skin, I wholeheartedly knew they would win hands down with their haircare and I wasn’t wrong.

They don’t come in pretty looking bottles, nor do they smell of candy floss. Frankly both of those things are irrelevant when I just want my hair to look clean and feel manageable. As someone with fine hair prone to greasy roots, I hate my hair feeling icky from the cocktail of chemicals in sulphate products.

Dermalogica’s Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner* both contain a nourishing, sulphate-free formula perfectly safe to use every day. Ingredients in the shampoo include coconut, argan oil and avocado oils to infuse shine and softness, whilst helping to shield hair from sun damage and retain moisture, while grapefruit, lavender and geranium essential oils invigorates the senses (and smells rather nice). The conditioner ensures hair retains its moisture and makes it manageable without weighing it down.

Since using the duo, my hair feels soft, has shine and looks fuller. The roots feel clean and it’s easy to run my fingers through my hair.

With regular use of conventional shampoos and conditioners, over time product builds up in the follicles and hair looks lacklustre, becoming weak with breakages inevitable. It’s such a common misunderstanding that a shampoo that foams means a shampoo that works and unfortunately it’s a psychological gimmick sold to the consumer by manufacturers.

Dermalogica’s Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner is a winning combination for me and priced at £19.80 and £20.70 respectively and it’s what I would expect to pay for such products. In fact I have paid £50-£60 for sulphate-free haircare – crazy, I know but this was back when these types were uncommon. It’s also worth remembering you only need to shampoo once (with a small amount) so ‘rinse and repeat’ is another pointless myth.

Would I buy these? Without a doubt I will. This works. Make the switch to sulphate-free if you haven’t and if you’re not sure where to begin, Dermalogica is the place to start. For more information, visit


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