Denman Bebop Massage Brush

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I’ll make no bones about this – I am really desperate to regain my hair after a considerable loss over the past 12 months from medication I was on recently.  While I’m aware my hair will grow back eventually, I am using all options available to help speed up the process. The good thing is, it has stopped falling out.  At one point I had clumps come apart in my hands just from running my fingers through my hair.

One of the choices available is the Be-Bop Shower Brush from Denman which I was sent to try.  It claims to help give you  an invigorating head massage at home in between visits to the salon. 

The circular brush has extra-soft plastic pins which stimulates the blood flow to the hair follicles in the scalp, and as a result should strengthen the hair’s roots and encourages healthy growth. It works well for evenly distributing conditioner (or any other hair product for that matter) and is gentle to use on the scalp.  I have also noticed it doesn’t pulls strands out.

The Bebop Massage Brush is a nice, compact size and is very light-weight so I have ditched the hair brush and keep this in my handbag instead. I am aware there are other similar products on the market which detangle hair (I’ve never tried them) but this one specifically says it’s ideal for massaging the scalp.

Available in black and silver, the Bebop massage brush is a very reasonable £4 and is available from Boots, Superdrug and John Lewis
or online at

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