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Colourpop. Colourpop. Colourpop. I just can’t get enough of it! I also can’t keep up at the rate the West Coast cosmetics brand is churning out its high quality and very affordable make-up. If only the exchange rate of the dollar wasn’t so abysmal. Still, it’s not stopping me from putting in (what seems like) monthly orders and having them shipped across from My Mallbox.

My love affair with Colourpop kicked off a year ago when news of their Ultra Matte Lip colours rippled across the Atlantic, prompting me to put in an order. Let’s face it, it’s the lip products Colourpop is famous for although recently they have opened up the flood gates with collaborations, bearing (or should that be ‘baring’?) cheek and eye products.

Some of their lip products are a bit dud – a few of the Ultra Matte lippies ($6) don’t translate across as well in pigmentation or are very drying but the majority are excellent and when theyre dirt cheap, it’s not upsetting if one or two don’t turn out to be good. Why would anyone pay the inflated prices for those Kylie Jenner lip kits when these are such a close comparison? (Don’t get me started on her…) I also love the Ultra Satin Lip ($6) and Lippie Stix ($5) ranges.

My biggest enablers are Miss Beauty Adikt  and Shahleena who are just as much obsessed with Colourpop as I am. Tut, tut, girls!

Cruelty-free and made in the USA, some of Colourpop’s products are vegan-friendly with the exception of a list they have declared on their website and although Colourpop ships internationally (sometimes offering free delivery), my advice is to direct your orders to a forwarding shipping company such as My Mallbox who will group packages and post in one package or box for one shipping fee. Imagine if you made three Colourpop orders. That would be three separate custom charges.

If you use my referral code you can bank yourself $5 off your first delivery. It works out cheaper, it takes 2 days by FedEx and if you’re lucky, you might avoid custom charges or only pay a nominal amount. With international delivery you will incur high custom charges – guaranteed.

So my question to you now is, why aren’t you getting on board with Colourpop? Have a gander at their superb website (complete with swatches on light, medium and dark skin tones) and tell me you’re not tempted in the slightest…

Remember Colourpop sells exclusively through its website and not from any third party sites and retailers. It’s how they manage to keep the costs low.


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