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I’m a Clarisonic virgin. I’ve just never got round to trying this little gadget that’s had beauty bloggers in a flutter for a good couple of years. Well the popular brand for sonic facial cleansing has just launched the latest model, the Mia 2.

In a nutshell, Clarisonic created this device which gently yet effectively removes make-up and cleanses the face. You just slap on some cream cleanser, switch it on and away you go. A brush head rotates at a fast speed on the surface of your skin and unsurprisingly removes more make-up than manual cleansing (up to 6 times more).

One of the main differences with the Mia 2 is the built-in timer so you know when to move onto the next part of your face (20 seconds on the nose and chin, 20 seconds on the forehead, 10 seconds on each cheek). It’s not painful to use though it does tickle your nose. So you’re done in 60 seconds basically. There are two speeds and it comes with a travel case as well.

Now I’ve always been very thorough with my skin care routine and I have read reviews by other bloggers about Clarisonic giving them break-outs but in the name of beauty and blogging, I was happy to trial the newest model.

I have been using Mia 2 for a month, once a day in the evenings because once a day is sufficient after your face has suffered from wearing make-up and being exposed to dirt and pollution outside.  I don’t believe using it twice a day is a good idea – you don’t want to strip your face of its natural protective oils. Apparently break-outs are usually the cause of the Clarisonic drawing impurities that have been buried below to the surface of the skin. Although I was fortunate not to experience such a set-back I suspect this isn’t the entire explanation.

I am not a dermatological brainiac but I would have thought getting spots when using the rotating brush of a Clarisonic may be down to using it in the mornings before applying make-up. It’s dubbed as a cleansing device but essentially it is exfoliating and re-opening the pores. Any beauty therapist will advise you not to wear make-up for a good number of hours after a facial, and always exfoliate at night AFTER removing your make-up so your pores can breathe.

As I’ve just said, I am very precise with removing make-up and abide by the faithful hot flannel routine (all curtsy to our Flannel Queen, Caroline) so I didn’t notice a great deal of dirt coming off but I can confirm after one use my skin felt very soft, smooth and it looked thoroughly cleansed.

After day 2, I went to work without wearing make-up. Blimey! That was brave. I’ve also found serums and creams work much better and interestingly enough, less is needed. Make-up artist Daniel Sandler has been championing the Clarisonic since day 1 and he assured me I would see a major difference with applying make-up. Again less would be required and he’s right. Foundation blends brilliantly and I’ve been told by my dad that my face looks clearer and that it glows. Thanks, daddy Shaikh!

There is debate across blogs about what cleansers to use with whatever Clarisonic model you have. I use cleansers by Elemis and Decléor. A word of advice, remove make-up with cotton pads before switching to the Clarisonic so your brush doesn’t get filthy.

I can’t compare to previous models but something tells me bypassing them to Mia 2 is a worthwhile investment if you can afford it.

The Mia 2 charges on a magnetic cradle and used once a day the battery has lasted just over 3 weeks. It is priced at £130 and is exclusively available from Space NK until December.

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  1. yasmine choudhry
    23rd October 2012 / 5:38 PM

    Great review would love to try this any chance the pr team want someone else to review it for them am available

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