China Glaze Dynasty

Did I hear a rumour that Dynasty is coming back? (Or am I thinking of Dallas?)  I wonder if it’ll ever happen. I don’t ever really remember the show being on in our house as I was growing up but everyone knows about the iconic Joan Collins and her fabulous outfits. My husband especially – I think he was a big fan of the programme.

So, here’s the namesake polish. Every bit as glamorous and over the top as the TV show. Dynasty was released a couple of years ago in that mega glitter collection that contained something like 50 new polishes.

I occasionally wonder if I’m too old for glitter polish but then again, it’s so pretty that it kind of supercedes any fears about being mutton dressed as lamb or whatever.

Dynasty is an interesting polish. A sheer red jelly, it is jam packed with bits of sparkle and glitter. It’s kind of like China Glaze went along and swept up all the left over bits of glitter from a ton of other polishes and just popped them all in this bottle. It has different sized silver discs, holo pieces, teeny tiny silver shards, and red toned flakies. Complex indeed, and perfect for the festive season.

This is a really pretty glitter and I’ve layered it here over a standard red creme. I like this a lot. It makes me want to wear massive shoulder pads and bouff my hair up…

What do you think? Were you a fan of Dynasty? Would you like to see a revival?


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  1. 6th February 2012 / 8:24 PM

    I used to love Dynasty when it was on the telly, much beter than Dallas far more glam! Not sure it’s be as good second time round. I’d quite like this polish too!

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