By George!

Recently, Sheenie and I were sent samples of George at Asda’s finest nail varnishes. These have a lot of love and respect from within the UK blogging community and we’re pleased to show you a bit of “George Spam”. 

Cloudless Sky is a fantastic bright and Spring-like blue creme. I’ve acquired a number of these over the years and the quality of this polish is up there with some of the best. This is two coats. It’s very bright. I prefer this type of colour for my toes. 

Under The Sea is a shimmery green shade and unlike any other I have in my collection. This was quite sheer and took four coats in the end. But I like it – it has a kind of pearlised yet metallic finish that is quite unique. Look, I liked it so much I even painted my fingers with it. 

Ultra Violet is one of my favourite types of shades – iridescent blurple shimmer. I originally thought that this was going to be really sheer, but it evened up nicely after three coats. It leans a little more towards lilac than you can tell here but it is very delicate and pretty. Almost a duochrome.

Out of the polishes I was sent, Groove is the only one that really didn’t work for me. It looks like it should be a creme, but it isn’t – it is a really squishy jelly. I found the colour curiously flattering, which is odd as I don’t usually do candy pinks,  but after it refused to be opaque after about five coats, I pretty much gave up.

If you saw Pink Glitz on its own, you wouldn’t really think much of it, would you? It just made my nails look a bit sticky and greasy and not ever something I’d ever wear. However, it does extremely well as a layering polish. Check it out over Groove. Much, much better. It’s almost a glass fleck, and I really rather like this look. I’m going to be doing this one as a pedicure next time I fancy something girly and pretty.

My favourite of the bunch I was sent was Hoax. A glorious Cadbury purple with tons of blue shimmer, its like an amped-up Ultra Violet. I wore this one as a full manicure after swatching these and it looked remarkably lovely and glowing in the sunlight. Two coats and no real application issues apart from some pooling around the sides, as you can see.


My turn and my selection includes Deceit (above), a gun metal darl grey with fine silver glitter. Gloriously thick and easy to apply, it’s opaque in one coat though I went for two for good measure.  The bottles are such handy sizes and the price is an absolute steal.  I can’t understand why three branches of Asda near me don’t stock these polishes (and one of them is a hypermarket).  See, I’ve driven 10 miles to this branch in the hope they sell George polishes.  That’s how much effort I go to.

When I saw Sherbert Fizz, I screwed my face up in disgust.  Baby pink!  I bet Katie Price would bathe in this colour.  But Sherbert Fizz is one of those shades that transforms instantly when it’s painted on your nails.  I fell in love with this strawberry milkshake delight.  It’s a thick, luscious creme polish that stands out from one coat.  I usually would never consider buying this shade but trying Sherbert Fizz has dispelled my fears and I will be looking at more similar shades to add to my heaving collection.

Look away now for Magical is the one I dislike.  It’s shockingly sheer, even after four coats.  A pretty coral shade but deeply disappointing. I really didn’t enjoy wearing this one at all.

Magical after one coat – so sheer!
two coats of Magical
Four coats of Magical

Meteorite is an unusual name for jade green but like Sherbert Fizz, it’s a thick creme that applies beautifully.

Scarlet Kiss is a dark, crimson creme – your classic, dark red nail polish.  Great application once again but a colour you can either take or leave.

So there we have it!  Which of these are you taken by?  Have you tried these?  Let us know your thoughts!



  1. 22nd June 2011 / 9:26 AM

    Loving the Sherbert Fizz, it’s a fantastic colour.

    I’ve never purchased anything from George before as I must admit I always thought supermarket brands would be a bit rubbish, How wrong was I!

  2. 24th June 2011 / 5:51 PM

    Meteorite is a gorgeous green. At first I didn’t like Sherbet Fizz. I scrolled down and then back up and I love that shade on you. The sheer ones are kind of foul looking. Like the purples.

  3. 3rd July 2011 / 1:36 PM

    Finally I get to comment on this post. love love love, thank you for doing it. ultra violet, deceit and hoax are definitely the must have shades for me xx

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