Sol de Janeiro: Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Yes, that’s right. There is a cream on the market called Bum Bum*. Pronounced ‘boom boom’ in Brazil (sure, Jan…), the folks behind this body cream – oh wait a second, I just walked into a classic pun there – ‘behind’. Why? Because this pot of cream has been marketed for the derriere so anyone who has a desire to attain a peachy booty should probably pay attention.

Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum is a sweetly-scented cream infused with guarana, a native Amazonian plant that is one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet therefore it can stimulate circulation and keep that posterior looking its best but it’s fine to use elsewhere on the body – it’s not just for the arse. Oh. I promised myself I wouldn’t use the word ‘arse’. FFS, there I go again.

What else? Oh yeah, it also contains other ingredients sourced from Latin America such as cupuaçu butter, acai and coconut oil so it’s very exotic and rare and stuff.

It’s expensive at £18 for a TINY pot (75ml) but(t) it’s a rich product so there’s no need to slather it on like you’re smearing a block of butter on a bird primed for a roasting (turkey or chicken, I mean). Does it work? I mean, does it eradicate cellulite and tighten up the look of that bottom? HELL NAW! Only squats and lunges will firm up that tush or ‘glutes’ as my personal trainer calls mine (and I’m sure the same goes for the rest of his clients). It’s just an overpriced (and overhyped) moisturising body cream with a cheek(y) name that smells absolutely divine. I mean, seriously, it’s a gorgeous scent and you will have trouble stopping yourself from sniffing at it constantly.

And that’s all I can say on the matter, which is a shame as I really wanted an excuse to use an alternative word for (a breath taking) ‘hieny’. I mean, it’s got to be good…you’d wanna be friends with it, right? Ahem.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream* won’t give you nice buns, however it will make you smell really nice and might make you want to smack that ass or vigorously shake that money maker. Right, have I reached the end there? Get it from Cult Beauty right here.


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