Braun Series 5 5040S Wet & Dry shaver

At Just Nice Things we like to shake things up a bit so today we have a guest reviewer in the form of a man – it’s our Tan. Yes, he’s ours because he keeps coming back for more!

Tan has been getting to grips with Braun’s Series 5 5040S Wet & Dry shaver, one of three models available in Braun’s series and what’s more, they are on special offer with up a third off this Christmas at Boots so if you’re wondering what to get for the most important man in your life be it your dad, brother, husband or boyfriend, perhaps this might be it.

Let’s see how Tan got on with losing his shaver virginity to this grooming gadget…

The Series 5 5040S Wet & Dry premium shaver is the new product from Braun released just in time for Christmas.

At first glance the 5040s looks a premium product that is beautifully designed.  The shaver has a rubberised, ergonomically designed body which makes it easy to hold in the hand either wet or dry. When I took it out of the box what I first noticed was how light the shaver was to hold compared to a Remington I had previously used.  It is very simple to use straight out of the box with no assembly required.

As it describes itself as a Wet premium shaver, I decided to try it out in the shower. Not only that, as I have sensitive skin, I tend to shave a couple times a week and so had a good amount of stubble for the shaver to work its magic on.  So this was a good test for the 5040s.  I found shaving to be a good experience, quick and efficient.  The shave was smooth and sharp and I didn’t find myself having to go over the same shaving spot twice. Neither did I have to press the shaver against my skin too hard, simply a soft and easy motion did the trick.  This is where the Flex MotionTec helps the 5040s as it seemed to glide at times, and the pivoting shaver head came into its own when shaving around the neck area.  Most electric shavers advise to hold the shaver at 90 degree angle for best results, however the 5040s works well even when you don’t adhere to this.

Now you can argue that the quality of a foil shaver is in the foil, and how long it stays sharp for, however with regular cleaning and maintenance I do not perceive this to be an issue.  There is also a short beard trimmer on the back for those keen on styling but I had no use for it.

It will take 60 minutes to fully charge the shaver, and you can expect 45 minutes of cordless shaving. For myself this mean charging the shaver once a week.  Maintaining and servicing the shaver is quick and easy. The head can be taken off for cleaning simply by pulling gently with the thumb and forefinger and you should do this frequently to keep the blades and moving parts clear of bristles – it allows the shaver to work better and will help the heads stay sharper and the batteries last longer. Braun supply a small brush and some lubricating oil that come in handy. 

The shaver is supplied with a two pin mains charger and can be used whilst you shave. There’s nothing worse than your shaver dying halfway through a shave when you can’t plug the charger in and carry on.

I have to admit being a more of a Gillette razor kind of guy, and having sensitive skin, I was a little sceptical but there was really no need.  This is definitely a premium shaver and the quality shines through from its well designed exterior, the new Flex MotioTec technology, to the close smooth shave it provides.

Price wise, compared to the Philips and Remington brands, there are cheaper electric shavers on the market.  Retailing at £189.99, its certainly not cheap, however by shopping around online you will find the big retailers discounting in the run up to Christmas, with Boots and Amazon pricing competitively at around the £100 mark. At this price, the Braun Series 5 5040s Wet & Dry Premium Shaver is definitely worth investing in.

The new Braun Series 5 range is available at Boots, Amazon, Argos, larger supermarkets and other good electrical retailers. Series 5 5040S normally retails for £189.99 but will be priced at £127.29 at Boots until 31st December 2012. You can also pick up Series 5 5030s for £100 (RRP: £159.99) and Series 5 5070cc for £133.99 (RRP: £199.99). Visit for more information.

Tan Araf

*PR sample*

Thank you, Tan! Glad to hear your handsome visage survived the Braun machine. What do the rest of you think?

P.S: Tan occasionally writes a brilliant blog. Do check it out and hopefully he will be encouraged to write some more!


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  1. Erman
    31st August 2013 / 2:54 AM

    The charger can’t be used whilst you shave. I tried it and returned it because of that. User manual also says so. Series 5 shavers can be used corded except 5040s Wet&Dry.

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