Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks

bourjoisrougelipIf lipsticks were edible, I’d devour this lot. Well we do consume a fair amount off our lips and Rouge Edition from Bourjois is nothing but deliciously enticing.

You may well have seen fellow bloggers’ posts on Bourjois’s new spectrum shades of lippies. Well it’s my turn to give my verdict on them.


There are 18 eye-catching colours to choose from with some wild shades for statement looks and each one is enriched with ingredients to keep lips hydrated and smooth.

The range is divided into three on trend families – Preppy, Color Block and Night Out, and I had my pick of a dozen.

Preppy is a mix of light, nude shades – a safe selection if you’re shy of drawing attention to your pout. Below are two shades from it (Rose Tweed and Brun Bohème), the latter which is a firm favourite. I love the partnership of dusky pink with brown, and it compliments my skin tone for daytime wear.



Color Block needs no introduction. Fuchsia Graffiti is a killer colour with just the right level of brightness in this depressingly dull weather we are having, and Rouge Buzz is a fiery hot red-orange. The other shades I tried were less flattering on me, and felt more like tinted lip balms. Furthermore, Orange Buzz is frosted, a finishing I am not overly keen on but may fair better on lighter skin tones.







Finally the colours I chose from Night Out are all winners. Rouge Jet Set is a true classic red with slight blue tones (I was asked if it was Chanel by someone at work – that’s how good this one looks), Pretty Prune is an elegant plum shade and Violine Strass is a slightly blackened deep plum. All three are rich in colour and look divine.





The clear winners in my books are the shades that are highly vibrant and pigmented, which equates to 8 out of the 12 lippies I tried. I’m all over the femme fatale shades: Rouge Jet Set, Rouge Buzz and Pretty Prune but I am also fond of Violine Strass, Fuchsia Graffiti, Brun Cosmopolitain and Brun Bohème.

All in all, Bourjois’s collection is rather slick, chic and exciting while delivering at affordable prices. I guess this is why I consider it to be one of my most loved brands.

*PR samples*



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