Boots Natural Collection Lunar Haze

The light in my house isn’t very good. I painted this on last night and was really unimpressed, resolving to put it straight in my next blog sale. But give it a night, and oh my goodness, when the sun shone on this little beauty, I realised that I would not easily be parted from it.

I have mixed feelings about Boots Natural Collection. Mainly because it has been around for donkey’s years and I recall buying it up as a schoolgirl, thinking I was all sophisticated and cool. Part of its allure at the time was that not only did most of the products smell really nice (and still do – those lipglosses, mmmm) but they were also quite sheer and therefore perfect to be able to wear to school and get away with it.

I did a mini swatch of Lunar Haze on a naked nail and realised immediately that this was not going to build up on its own. It is super-sheer and there wasnt enough polish in the 8ml bottle to make this opaque. So I applied a layer of my trusty OPI Alpine Snow to white-out my nails and then painted three coats of Lunar Haze over the top.

Well well. Who’d have thought this innocent little bottle would in fact contain one of the best duochromes I’ve ever seen? It is pink and lavender and sooo awesomely shiny.  The main shade is pink but it has a really strong blue flash to it. I am really loving these iridescent shades at the moment. It reminds me of a cross between OPI’s Venus Di Violet and Altar Ego.

My only complaint is that the application leaves something to be desired – and by that, I mean my application. Two coats of the thick and cremey Alpine Snow and two coats of Lunar Haze have left me with thick nails that need a lot of cleaning up around the cuticles – whch, as you’ll see, I didn’t do before taking these photos. In my defence, believe it or not, the dim light of the early morning shower didn’t show up this monstrous  mess that I’m ashamed to show you here.

So don’t buy this expecting a flashy and opaque polish, but if you want to add a little duochrome delight to one of your existing shades then for £1.79 you really can’t go wrong. I can’t wait to try this over black, blue and pink….. don’t think you’ve seen the last of Lunar Haze on here!




  1. 3rd July 2010 / 8:33 AM

    The length of your nails is vile

  2. 4th July 2010 / 3:38 AM

    That’s really pretty over the white. I have to try to remember to paint over a base of white. I never really wear white and I have quite a few bottle of it. Love the simple beauty of it. Have a nice weekend sweetie.

  3. 4th July 2010 / 12:30 PM

    I apologise if this has already been asked, but I’ve just spent hours discovering and pouring over nail blogs, and I have to ask, why don’t you file your nails to the same length? I think your nails would be so much nicer if you filed them to the same length and shape. Otherwise, your reviews are really informative, thanks for sharing!

  4. 5th July 2010 / 8:20 AM

    Anon – Thankyou for your helpful and constructive comment. Nice to see you back again.

    Lucy – White is so useful, especially when dealing with sheer colours and neons.

    A Question – Are you related to Anon?

  5. 5th July 2010 / 6:01 PM

    This is my mum’s fave polish. We have FOUR in the nail polish drawer! She started her third bottle yesterday haha.

  6. 9th July 2010 / 8:21 AM

    Lily – Welcome! I love the fact that you have anail polish drawer – that’s brilliant!

  7. 21st July 2010 / 6:34 AM

    No, not related at all, just curious. I actually thought I phrased my question very respectfully and complimented your blogging, so I see no need to be defensive. I was genuinely wondering why you choose to keep them uneven and unfiled, if you have a legit reason I was interested to hear it.

  8. 30th August 2010 / 1:59 AM

    I luuuurve this colour! It is my absolute favourite. I only use one coat onto clean nails, so it gives just a hint of colour, but then I add a diamond sparkle polish to the tips like a French manicure to finish it off perfectly and it looks beautiful, especially when the sunshine catches it. Gorgeous! :o)

  9. 1st July 2011 / 12:53 PM

    OMG I’m wearing this right now! Its sooo beautiful but your right you need loads of coats to make it kinda visible. I LOVE IT!

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