Biofinity Energys Contact Lenses

I make no bones about wishing I had 20-20 vision. I don’t have the funds for laser treatment (and I am a little petrified of the procedure) so I’m confined to wearing contact lenses, which I have been doing for over 20 years. (In that time I have spent more than enough to afford laser but hey ho…)

Biofinity Energys is a new contact lens from CooperVision designed to cope with the demands of digital devices which control and rule our lives. From the moment we wake up, we are checking our phones, glued to social media, firing up that laptop at work, chatting to our friends and family on Whatsapp, streaming Netflix, watching YouTube…is there ever a moment where we are not dependent on these? They have become a necessary part of life and the excessive use does take its toll. Switching from on-screen to off-screen can overwork the eyes, leading to tiredness, dryness and redness.

As a contact lens wearer, I regularly experience these symptoms so when I was invited to trial Bioinfinity Energys new lenses – designed for the digital life – I blindly said ‘yes’.

Currently these lenses are only available as monthly replacement lenses. I have been wearing dailies for over 10 years so going back to wearing monthlies felt odd. I was also filled with some fear as I recalled the inconvenience of looking after these lenses. Well things have changed since I last wore monthly contact lenses. For one there is no requirement to neutralise the cleaning solution with a tablet first. I’ll never forget the stinging pain when I forgot to do that once. Ouch! Now one contact solution cleans, disinfects, sterilises and hydrates the lenses, safely storing them in the case until the next usage.

On the first night I took the lenses out, I almost threw them away as I’m so used to dailies. An interesting fact from research found dailies are highly favoured in London whereas monthlies are preferred elsewhere in the country. I believe this is due to the fast pace of life in the city. I can certainly vouch for this as it’s so much easier to chuck a daily pair at the end of the day and open a fresh pair the next day.

To clean, simply squeeze some solution onto the lens in the palm of your hand and gently rub with a finger to dislodge any dirt. Then pop into the case and soak with the same solution. When it comes to popping them in, take out each lens, then discard the remaining solution in the case and allow it to air dry naturally and give them a quick rinse out with the same solution just before storing the lenses in them. Avoid leaving it in the bathroom for potential bacteria circulating from the condensation.

The Biofinity Energys lenses feature a Digital Zone Optics™ lens design, which is enhanced optics that help with eye tiredness caused by focusing on close-up digital devices and back with less effort. There is also Aquaform® Technology to provide moisture in the lens and keep them soft for a more comfortable wearing experience. This natural wettability can help your eyes feel less dry, even during times of reduced blinking, such as when you are looking at a digital screen.

These lenses are distinctively thicker compared to the average contact lens, which actually doesn’t feel strange or uncomfortable. From day one I noticed the profound difference: I usually pop my lenses in around 7:30am and remove them just before I go to sleep. Around the 2pm mark my eyes always feel tired and dry. With Biofinity Energys lenses I didn’t experience any dryness or itchiness and my vision remained clear and sharp at all times. I also noticed very little bloodshot eyes too. Some days my eyes felt tired but that was down to lack of rest.

I’ve worn these lenses for a month (give or take a few days when I decided not to) and the results have not faltered at all; they are wonderfully comfortable and breathable, which is great for the health of the eyes. When I returned to wearing daily disposable lenses, I immediately noticed the difference in how flimsy they felt in comparison.

I can’t fault the performance of Biofinity Energys contact lenses – they are incredible, innovative and a breakthrough in the market of contact lenses. The crunch comes down to personal preference. I miss the convenience of dailies and find maintaining these lenses a little cumbersome. Let’s also not forget the additional cost of the cleaning solution. Also these lenses must be ditched after 30 days even if they’ve not been worn for days in between. I probably wore these lenses for 20 out of 30 days. This is why dailies are economical and easy to keep track of – you only wear a pair when you need to plus they’re safer for travelling.

As I mentioned, currently these lenses are only available as monthlies but this isn’t to say dailies won’t ever be a possibility. As it’s a new form of technology being used, it will take some time to develop daily disposables. I really hope so – I will be the first in the queue. If you have astigmatism, unfortunately there are no suitable lenses available yet.

There are a selected number of independent opticians which supply this brand of lens with Vision Express being the most well known so please search for the closest one to you where you will be able to book a thorough eye check-up and fitting. Please note the price of the lenses will vary depending on where you are being treated so again, please check with the optician of your choice. To find out more about Bioinfinity Energys contact lenses, visit CooperVision’s website.

*I was invited to trial the Biofinity Energys lenses for a month and this included a contact lens check-up and fitting.


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