AromaWorks: Serenity AromaBomb Duo

AromaWorks: Serenity AromaBomb Duo


The woes of winter after the Christmas spell is nothing short of miserable. There is just something about this bleak time of the year that makes you feel blurrgh. To help get through the first two difficult months of the year (because we all perk up as soon as we get to March), AromaWorks’ latest offering, AromaBomb is a fine duo of bath bombs with therapeutic properties to coax you out of your cave.

There are four different bath bomb treats to choose from based on four key scents – Nurture (pink), Inspire (green), Soulful (lilac) and Serenity (yellow), each offering a different mood to uplift your spirits. Packed with 100% pure essential oils, Calamine and Himalayan Sea Salt, the bath bombs pack an enormous punch from the moment you lift the lid off.

Available as a duo, I went for Serenity which contains warm citrus top notes of Lemongrass with the floral fragrance of Neroli and sweet Geranium. The scent is gloriously strong, which I love. I could get high on it, you know. Once dropped into the bath, it takes forever to dissolve. Seriously, I’ve never come across such a long-lasting bath bomb! Wonderfully intoxicating, a soak in the tub with this will unwind and destress – the perfect antidote after a session at the gym.

A duo of AromaBombs costs £12.50 and is available from You can also pick up a quad set containing a bath bomb from each collection.


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