Accessorize Rock Star baked duos

High-street chain Accessorize, who launched their new cosmetics range last year, is certainly a favourite addition to my personal make-up collection.  I coil up in excitement over some of their individual eye shadows (the shimmery and pigmented Olive, Sage and Golden Haze are my favourite purchases) even though I probably possess similar shades but at such affordable prices, the resistance is too much to give up.

With various themes devised within their range, Rock Star is a prominent one.  From this collection, I was sent a couple of baked duos to try.  You may remember I reviewed Paparazzi nail polish from Rock Star a few weeks ago.

Now I’m new to baked eye shadows surprisingly, only having used cream, loose and pressed eye shadows but I understand the real beauty about baked eye shadows is their ability to come alive when applied wet either as a single colour or used as an eye liner.

The other beauty with baked eye shadows is that they come in more than one shade, allowing you to use one or the other singular, or both blended together.

The pink and purple pair shown above is Purple Reign.  Here is how the shades look in wet (on the left) and dry (on the right):

As you can see, the colour is more intense when wet.  Below is how it looks normally on my eyelids – very pearl-esque.

The pink/purple duo were easy to blend, and looks gorgeous.  I used the Urban Decay Eye Primer under to bring out the colours completely.

Next we have is Back Stage Pass – a pale gold and turquoise pair.

Once again, here how the shades look in wet (on the left) and dry (on the right):

To wear on the eyes, Back Stage Pass was a disappointment.  It wasn’t as richly pigmented as Purple Reign, and was somewhat trickier to apply oddly enough.  Also the colours don’t appear as vibrant or eye-popping on the eyelids as they do in the compact; it’s quite a soft, subtle look.  I certainly was expecting the turquoise to be outstandingly bright.  However, when fluid is added (either water or saline, I’ve been advised on for sanitory reasons), it looked better.  I still favour Purple Reign over Back Stage Pass, though.  Turquoise goes so beautifully with gold but it appears quite dreary in this baked duo.

For what they retail for, I can’t argue against that but it would appear that some products are evidently stronger in quality than others.  Have you tried any baked duos from Accessorize?  What did you think of them?

Accessorize’s baked duos are priced at £4.00 each and are available exclusively in Superdrug stores on online.




  1. 8th February 2011 / 9:10 PM

    Your eyes look enormous! So pretty with the purple eye shadow. I use Laura Geller’s baked eye shadows and love them. They are amazing when used wet. Your looking gorgeous as always.

  2. 8th February 2011 / 10:58 PM

    Its such as shame the gold doesn’t turn out as it looks because that is a gorgeous colour. I really wish the superdrug near me stocked this I want to go have a look!

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