2True Shade 26

If someone can enlighten me as to what was actually going through my mind when I purchased this nail polish, then I would be super grateful. I can only think that I was hungover / suffering from a short bout of temporary colourblindness / trying to select a third product to make up a “three for a fiver” offer in Superdrug.

Bit weird, this one. Maybe there is somebody out there who rather likes frosty neon green shades, but I am yet to meet one!

I don’t really understand these little squat 2True polishes. Considering that their quick dry ones (in the tall skinny bottles with the silver lids) have the best formula of many other nail polishes I’ve tried – including the high end stuff – these Glosswear ones are really not up to par. Every one that I have tried has been sheer, runny, and generally a bit of a dud.

This is no exception  – I think I layered it over a yellow or pale green shade just to get it to show up. And then wished I hadn’t bothered. It is gummy and strokey and generally a bit strange. The colour is certainly eye-catching though. What can I say? It must have appealed to me on the day.

What do you think?



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  1. 15th April 2012 / 10:08 AM

    Oh, dear.
    I absolutely swear by their Fast Dry range but the others don’t even look good in the bottle. That’s not a good finish.

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