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It’s Friday, and on Just Nice Things it can only mean one thing – it’s time for 20 Questions with a blogger. Meet green-eyed beauty Sharmin, the living doll behind PinkSweetSz. Perfectly petite and from the east end of London, Sharmin is one of the sweetest girls the world of blogging has introduced to me. She also possesses a wicked streak. Let’s find out more about the face of PinkSweetSz…

Why did you start your blog?
I started blogging when I became obsessed with watching YouTube videos in 2010. I wanted to do something of the sort, but not put myself out there completely. I then discovered blogs, and havent looked back since.

How long have you been blogging for?
I have been blogging since August 2010 so its coming up to 3 years now. Time really does pass by so quickly; it feels like last year I started up my little blog. I do take a lot of breaks when life seems to get on top of me, but that just makes it all the more fun when I return.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
It’s definitely meeting new friends. Since starting blogging I have met so many like minded people and I know its a cheesy thing to say but it’s honestly the best thing about blogging. The friends I have made through blogging are great, such as the beautiful Sheenie herself!

What frustrates you most about blogging?
I think this is a more recent issue than not, but blogging has become really really competitive. When I started there wasn’t much competing and bitchiness going on. Now blogging is definitely a hierarchical system.

What do your family and friends think of your blog?
My friends love my blog. They always take such interest in everything blog related I talk about. They don’t all understand the concept which is why they find it all the more interesting. One of my best friends has even started her own blog, specifically for Hijabi fashion, as she would love to show the world that it is possible to look fashionable, yet modest at the same time. (Keepingitunderwraps.blogspot.com)

How frequently do you post?
I try to blog as often as I can but I schedule them for twice a week. I have been away from blogging for a while so it’s taking me a while to catch up, but hopefully I will be blogging a lot more frequently now.

What’s your day job?
I am actually an English student so career wise I haven’t started yet, but I do work part time as a beauty consultant in Boots. If you ever need any information on No7 I’m your girl!

How many bottles of nail varnish do you own?
The last time I counted (ages ago) I had 130 bottles of nail varnish, so I assume it has grown significantly since then. If I took a guess I would say I had 160 ish (I’m hoping it’s not much over that). I actually always wear the same few shades but I’m a hoarder! I like building up collections of the same brand! Tut tut!

Do you set yourself a budget, or do you buy on an as-and-when basis?
I don’t really ever set myself a budget. It’s something I should do really. Im more of a shop till your card gets rejected kind of girl.

What is your favourite make-up brand, and why?
My favourite make-up brand of all time without a doubt is Illamasqua. I love the brand’s ethics and all the stories behind their collections. I love how the people who work for Illamasqua are so passionate about the brand too. The work they do with charities just amazes me, such as the Sophie Lancaster foundation. The fact that they make amazing products is just a plus point. I love the brand first, but their make-up products are also the bomb!

Do you ever leave the house without wearing make-up?
I actually don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without make-up although my skin isn’t too bad, purely because I’ve been wearing make-up for so long I feel like a zombie without it.

What’s your favourite beauty treatment to indulge in?
It’s not a treatment as such, but a long hot bath with essential oils, and bath salts, a face mask on and a few scented candles. That’s when all my stresses are forgotten and I can just have a little ‘me’ time.

Tell us about the best holiday you’ve been on.
The best holiday I went on was has to be back home [Bangladesh] last year. I went for two whole months after previously going 5 years before that. It was great seeing all the family, and it was also my first Ramadan and Eid there. The whole atmosphere was buzzing. I’m a real hometown girl.

What would be your ideal day off?
My ideal day would be to swan off to a posh spa with all my girls and have a crazy pamper day! Now, wouldn’t that be amazing?

What is your favourite TV show?
To be honest I don’t watch that much telly but (Sheenie, please close your eyes) I do actually love The Only Way Is Essex. I am a sucker for trash TV.

What music do you enjoy listening to?
When it comes to music I listen to just about anything. I am really varied in music, it just depends on my mood, Although a lot of people do say that I can’t get my head out of the past, so I guess I listen to some old school tunes a lot.

What is your favourite food?
This is a bit of a weird one but my favourite food in the whole world has got to be sour raw mangoes. My mouth is just watering thinking about them.I love shredding them and adding a few spices, and making it almost into a chutney. BEST THING EVER! Oh and burritos. Gotta love burritos. Oh and…I could actually write a whole blog on food, so I will stop there.

Where would you most like to go in the world? (money no object)
My dream destination ever since I was a child was to go Bora Bora! It just looks like heaven on earth, and I have sworn to myself I will go there at some point in my life. Which ever lucky man marries me can take the pleasure of taking me there!

Which 3 guests would you invite to dine with you and why?
Well, if you mean bloggers then I would take you Sheenie, Priya and Leanne so I can watch you all fight over each other, just sit there and laugh.

Tell us a secret…
Umm… I buy knickers from the kids section, but no one needs to know that. If you ever see me at an event, just know that I am probably wearing little kiddies knickers!

Thank you so much, Sheenie for allowing me to be all over your blog today! It was a pleasure answering the questions! If you want to know more about me head on over to my blog! x

You read what the girl said – head over to PinkSweetSz now!


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