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Hey, hey, hey! Have I got a beauty blogger to introduce to you! This week’s 20 Questions spotlight is on Grace from the brilliantly titled All That Slap. Grace is new on my beauty radar but I feel like I’ve known her for years and I am glad our paths have crossed because we both love Persian food. 

She’s vivacious, loves a good natter and of course writes a top blog. Let’s find out a little bit about Grace and All That Slap…

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Why did you start your blog?
A mixture of reasons – a natural love of beauty products and the fact I never shut up talking to my friends about beauty products but overall it was because I wanted to provide in-depth, honest product reviews, so people didn’t potentially waste their money on beauty products.

How long have you been blogging for?
I started the blog in September 2011, but I have been writing reviews on Makeup Alley for about 4 years prior to that.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
The variety of products I get to try and the fact that somewhere out there, people are finding the posts helpful.

What frustrates you most about blogging?
Probably a mixture of not having enough time to draft as many posts and I would like to and the nasty side of blogging where girls get bitchy and super competitive when there is just no need for it.

How much time a week do you spend on your blog/reading other people’s blogs?
Usually, I spend a couple of evenings a week and some time on Sundays drafting posts and taking/editing pictures. I try and read blogs as much as possible but never seem to catch up with them all. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, if you ask me!

What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers?
Be confident and don’t be scared to do what you want to do – don’t pay too much attention to what others are blogging about. Do your own type of posts, in your style and have fun with it. Also don’t take it too seriously – nothing is fun if you make it really serious!

What other interests do you have?
I love eating out with friends and cooking, though I don’t cook as much as I would like to. I also love getting out of London and spending some time in the sticks. I am trying to be a lot healthier by going to the gym and working out. Of course I love a good movie night and big bag of popcorn too!

How many bottles of nail varnish do you own?
Don’t hate me but I am not that much into nails – I probably only have about 50 bottles of polish…not that much for a beauty blogger, I know. I am a blush whore though – I have over a 100 blushes and that doesn’t include any in palettes. Ooops…

Do you set yourself a shopping budget, or do you purchase on an as-and-when basis?
Well, at the moment I am on a spending ban as I have far too much stuff and don’t get round to using a lot of it. In general though, I don’t set myself a budget, I just what what I want, when I want – I think this should change though, given that I have so much and I have not been made dent in my stash during my 100 days spending ban!

What is your favourite make-up brand, and why?
It’s a tough one – for “drug-store” (Sheenie snorts in disgust) I think I would have to say Milani, though you can’t buy in the UK which is a massive pain the ass! Otherwise its probably Illamasqua, especially as I love their blushes.

Do you ever leave the house without wearing make-up?
Yeah, sure – sometimes on the weekend I give my skin a rest and go make-up free out for breakfast to the supermarket without a scrap on. As long as I don’t see anyone I know then I am okay with it!

What is your favourite beauty product and why?
Another really tough one – I can’t pick just one, sorry.  I have two absolute favourites – one is the Glamglow Super Mud Mask – it’s amazing for my skin when its all clogged up (gross, I know, sorry!) and it really helps to clear my skin. Another is my Lancome Idole Tient 24 Hour Foundation. Its coverage is very good but doesn’t look OTT and it lasts ALL day!

What is your favourite nail varnish of all time? (yep, only one!)
It’s probably a gorgeous bright pink shade from a brand called Jacava in Knightsbridge Opulence – it’s stunning!

Tell us about the best holiday you’ve ever been on.
I am fortunate enough to have been on lots but Hawaii was particularly memorable as it was so pretty out there and I loved learning about the Polynesians and their culture. If you ask me, it’s a shame they don’t have their independence.

What would be your ideal day off?
A lovely long lie in, lunch somewhere that is not poncey but has nice food (preferably Lebanese or Iranian!), a look round the beauty halls of the Oxford Street department stores, a massage in a nice spa and then more food – preferably Lebanese or Iranian…bliss.

What is your favourite TV show?
Sad as it is, I don’t really have one – I think 99% of TV is pants and so hardly choose to watch anything, except for the odd documentary. My Gypsy Wedding had my mouth wide open in dismay….

What music do you enjoy listening to?
I like a mixture – from Northern House, to Drum & Bass to R&B. Depends on my mood really. I can’t do rock or heavy metal, sorry!

What is your favourite food?
See above – LOL – no, I love Iranian food, especially Chello Kebab, but I am biased since I am Iranian. After that Lebanese or Thai. Both very yummy.

Where would you most like to visit in the world? (money no object)
What is with these hard questions???!  Lots of places but probably the Maldives or Mauritius – for a long time, like a month or so….yes, please!

Tell us a secret…
I can belly dance, but I won’t traumatise you all by giving a demo!

Fair do’s, Grace but I’m sure you’ll give in if I nag you enough! Thank you for answering 20 Questions. Don’t forget you can keep up to date with All That Slap on Bloglovin’.



  1. 15th March 2013 / 12:51 PM

    Grace, when I meet you at an event I will be demanding a belly dance demo 🙂 Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Sheenie
    16th March 2013 / 12:09 AM

    I bet she’s good at shaking those hips!

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